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Hospital Introduction

Introduction founder

Tibetan Medicine

The history of Tibetan Heritage

Dzongsar Tibetan Hospital has been preserving Tibetan medical lineage from ancient times on.

The modern lineage starts from Jamyang Kyentse Wangpo. He is the first lineage holder and he was very learned in traditional medical theories passed down from past generations such as the Earlier and Later Yothok Yonten Gonpos.  His student, Mipham Rinpoche praised him many times as a Sage Doctor.  He had learned from more than 150 knowledgeable Buddhist masters and his achievements in Buddhism are immeasurable.  Moreover, he started advocating non-sectarianism and wrote over one hundred pieces of scholarly work.

The second lineage holder of medical tradition: Shuchu Kunga Gyaltsan

Jamyang Kyentse Wangpo's main students were Jamgon Lodre Thaye, Mipham, the imperial physician of Dege King, Renchen Wayse and his personal doctor, Shuchu ungaa Gyaltsan. Among them, Jamgon Lodre Thaye and Miphan are very famous for their scholarly works on Buddhism and medicine.

The third lineage holder: Nyira Kunga Sengge

Shuchu Khanga Gyaltsan and Mipham's main disciple was Dege King's imperial physician, Kunga Sengge. He established the Dzongsar Tibetan Medical School and fostered many capable Tibetan physicians.

The fourth lineage holder: Tsering Phuntsok

Nyira Kunga Sengge's main disciple was Tsering Phuntsok, the second Kyentse Rinpoche, Choekyi Lodre's personal doctor. He was also a student of Jamgon Lodre Thaye, Mipham and Kyise Atsang

The present lineage holder: Lodre Phuntsok

Tsering Phuntsok’s main disciple is the present president of Dzongsar Tibetan Hospital, Lodre Phuntsok. He is also the former president and professor of the Medical Institute of Tibet, Troru Tsenam's main disciple. Troru Tsenam wrote that Luore Phuntsokk is his main disciple in his autobiography, which was published by Sichuan People's Publishing House in 2001. He also mentioned Dzongsar medicine lineage holder, Lodre Phuntsok in his Explanation of The Four-Volume Medical Code. Lodre Phuntsok inherited and preserved a complete Tibetan medical lineage. He has been a doctor for 37 years up to now and is also a researcher at the Ganzi Tibetan Prefecture Tibetan Medicine Research Institute and vice director of the Dege County Association of Tibetan Medicine. He has received national, provincial and prefectural outstanding worker and village doctor awards several times. Thus far he has published 25 scholarly works on Buddhism and medicine.