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Public Charity Work

Rural Clinics in Remote Areas

Dzongsar Tibetan Hospital, having spent five years in field trips and trainings in Tibetan medicine, has built up many rural clinics in remote areas before the end of 2010. It is hoped, as new projects of rural clinics construction already launched by now, by the end of 2016 fifteen rural clinics to be built in the remote areas throughout Ganzi and Aba Prefectures of Sichuan, Changdu of Tibet, Yushu of Qinghai, Gannan of Gansu, Gannan of Gansu, and Yushu of Qinghai, in order to satisfy the local needs of public health and medical conditions and to solve the current predicaments of medical resources deficiency in remote areas.

Base of Dzongsar Handicrafts

Midwife Training

Techniques and artificial plantings of the medicin