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Hospital Introduction

Dege Dzongsar Tibetan Hospital, established in 1975, is located in Maisu-Dzongsar areas, Dege County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province where the cooperative medical care station of Puma Township was sited with only tens square meters big, and is now developed and extended to cover about 7 acres in land area and a floor space of 1,872 square meters. According to the tradition, Dzongsar Tibetan Hospital comprises out-patient clinic, dispensary, and warehouse, and also a team of five physicians of Tibetan medicine, twenty long-term staffs, and some short-term workers and volunteers by now.

Dzongsar Tibetan Hospital operates as a general hospital, and is responsible for the medical care of nine neighbor townships which consist of nearly one hundred administrative villages in total. Apart from that, Dzongsar Tibetan Hospital serves as a supplier of Tibetan medicine and provides training of Tibetan physicians for the rural areas in Changdu of Tibet, Yushu of Qinghai, Gannan of Gansu, Diqing of Yunnan, etc.

From 1989 till now, Dzongsar Tibetan Hospital has successfully dispensed a very rare medicine as the king of medicine of Nguchu Tsothal (dngul chu btsho thal) on the basis of traditional Tibetan prescriptions for many times and also kept and mastered many traditional prescriptions that are precious and difficult to dispense, such as Rinchen Grangjor, Ratna Sampel and Rinchen Monjor, etc. In 2010, Dzongsar Tibetan Hospital has successfully published the book of 200 Types of Commonly Used Tibetan Medicines: Functions and Instructions in the Tibetan-Chinese bilingual edition and other Tibetan books, and setting the stage for further improvement and betterment as well as standardization of the Tibetan medicine system.

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Tibetan Medicine

The history of Tibetan Heritage