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Public Charity Work

Dzongsar Tibetan Hospital, since its establishment, plays an important role of safeguard to improve public health and medical conditions in the local rural areas. Medicines are provided with cost price for the poor villagers, and free of charge for the poorest ones and over one thousand monks of Dzongsar monastery.

Yothok-Yondengonpo Medical Association (YYMA), affiliated to Dzongsar Tibetan Hospital, was officially registered and set up by Luore Phuntsok with the examination and approval of Department of Civil Affairs, Dege County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province in 2001. YYMA is the first non-government organization (NGO) in Dege County, aiming at the protection and development of traditional Tibetan culture and eco-environments in the plateau areas as well as the promotion of sustainable-development at the local educational, cultural, economic, and medical aspects, and carrying out the longterm projects on training of traditional Tibetan physicians, Tibetan cultural protection, eco-tourism development, community construction, skill training, environmental protection, poverty relief, education, and other works in the western minority areas for a long time.

Rural Clinics in Remote Areas

Base of Dzongsar Handicrafts

Midwife Training

Techniques and artificial plantings of the medicin