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Special characteristics of the Tibetan medicine

1. The medicine, produced by Lodre Phuntok and other experienced maters, make the medicines following traditional techniques.  Lodre Phuntsok knows that some Chinese and Tibetan medicines are produced these days through western techniques, but he believes it is necessary to do produce them in a traditional Tibetan way.  Thus, he always uses traditional Tibetan techniques to produce these medicines.  

The difference between using modern technological methods and traditional methods is akin to the difference between the tsampa ground by a water mill and that ground by a hand mill.  Both are ground by stones, but at this speed, with the former very quickly and the latter very slowly. As a result, the taste is different. In addition, the tsampa ground by water mill is difficult to digest.

There are many advantages of making medicine in a traditional way.  If we do not preserve these methods, they will disappear after 50 or 100 years, which would be a great pity.

2.  The medicines are produced using over four thousand kilograms of medicinal plants from the high plateau, all of which are free of any chemicals.

3.  The medicines are produced and stored using traditional techniques, in the fresh air and dry climate of the high plateau.

4.  High lamas read scriptures over all of the Tibetan medicines to enhance their curative effects.

5. Many medicines made by this hospital have the same name as medicines made by other factories, but the prescriptions are very unique. Thus, the curative effects are also different. Dzongsar Tibetan medicines have received support and praise from many domestic and international patients.

200 种藏药制剂功能与剂量